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Why in Córdoba?

Córdoba is a city of 350,000 inhabitants with all the sights and cultural attractions of a big city combined with the comfort and tranquility of a small town; like the proverbial baby bear’s bed “not too big and not too small, but just right”.

In Cordoba the past comes alive in its people and its lovely narrow streets. In the 10th century Córdoba was the most populous city in the world. It also became a centre for education where many libraries were opened, on top of the many medical schools and universities which existed at the time. Such universities contributed towards developments in mathematics and astronomy. During these centuries, Córdoba was the intellectual center of Europe and was also noted for its tolerance toward its minority populations. Thus, Cordoba has combined its illustrious past with its wonderful current day features to create a well-educated, understanding, and respectful society which has fought to protect the fabulous monuments, festivals and streets that have made this city a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cordoba is a paradise, both in terms of study and entertainment. It’s the ideal city to learn Spanish:
• Spain is a prime destination for Americans to learn Spanish, it is not uncommon to walk down the streets of a big Spanish city and hear a group of Americans or Brits conversing in their native tongue. In Córdoba you won’t find nearly as many English-speakers as you would in other cities.
• The local “cordobeses” are very hospitable and do their best to communicate in Spanish with foreigners thereby nudging them to improve their language skills.
• The homestay experience–and all other forms of accomodation–organized by us here at inlingua Córdoba will ensure that students have ample time to get to know their Spanish host families through complete linguistic immersion.
• CCórdoba is one of the most inexpensive cities in Spain to live in.
• Córdoba is very safe: theft and pick pocketing are not nearly as common as in other cities.

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