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Our Programs


Spanish Language Class (3 hrs.). Students are placed in small groups according to their previous level of Spanish fluency, their ability to communicate, and their interests. We subscribe to the “Group 8 System” in which no more than 8 students are assigned to a professor. This guarantees that our students receive the attention they need and encourages interaction among the group. This class focuses on 4 main skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Spanish History or Cultural Courses (2 hrs.). This is a flexible option that allows the students to choose from an assortment of classes in the following areas of study: Art, Business, Education, History, Hispanic Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Political Science, Psychology and Religion.


 The demand for bilingual business executives and the need for special corporate training programs are greatly on the rise. As a result, inligua has created a high-impact Intensive Spanish Executive Program with an international focus. Our comprehensive program has been designed specifically to fit business executives’ and managers’ busy schedules while developing a highly customized program to ensure that the student will have the ability to effectively communicate in Spanish within a very short period of time.

Today’s businesses cannot afford to ignore the attractive markets that the Spanish language offers. The Spanish-speaking community constitutes a vast percentage of the total population in the world today and offers businesses and institutions a truly unique opportunity for growth within their companies.


The High School Program is designed to make the study of the Spanish Language fun and meaningful for teenagers. In this program, learning and fun go hand in hand. There are also athletic activities for students who want to stay active and make new friends while practicing the sport of their choice. This program is designed specifically for students aged 13 to 17, but we can accept younger students upon request.

A normal teen program consists on 3 hours of interactive and dynamic Spanish classes. Students are placed in small Spanish classes grouped according to their previous level of Spanish fluency, their ability to communicate, their interests, and their ages.

Functional Spanish (1 hr.). The purpose of this class is to put into practice your acquired knowledge both inside and outside the classroom in a daily context such as in the home, school and social settings, while becoming acquainted with Spanish culture and everyday life. We provide different activities such as Spanish songs, idiomatic expressions (slang), and discussions of music, movies, and popular culture.

Conversation, Field Trips, and Intercultural Activities (2 hrs.). During the 2 hours of Spanish Conversation Workshop, students can practice their skills in communication and pronunciation. Students will also have the opportunity to take part in field trips and other activities to expand their cultural experience.


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